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  • Tris Buffer for Adjusting the Sample PH

    Contact NowTris Buffer for Adjusting the Sample PHTris buffer for adjusting the sample pH Pyrogen-free (endotoxin-free) Tris buffer to adjusting the pH of the lal endotoxin test samples. 1. Product information LAL testing microbiology detection of endotoxin by horseshoe crab blue blood lysate require certain conditions. The optimal pH for the...Read More

  • Control Standard Endotoxin CSE Endotoxin Standard

    Contact NowControl Standard Endotoxin CSE Endotoxin StandardControl Standard Endotoxin CSE endotoxin standard The Control Standard Endotoxin is a good alternative for expensive Reference Standard Endotoxin to construct a standard curve in kinetic assay and end-point chromogenic assay or positive control of gel clot assay. Our CSE is labeled by potency...Read More

  • Depyrogenated Endotoxin-free Glass Test Tubes with Aluminum Caps

    Contact NowDepyrogenated Endotoxin-free Glass Test Tubes with Aluminum CapsDepyrogenated endotoxin-free glass test tubes with aluminum caps We offer various of low endotoxin, pyrogen free accessories products for your conveniences. The size of the test tubes is fit to the dry heating blocks and the single test LAL vials. High quality depyrogenated low endotoxin pyrogen...Read More

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