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  • Calcium Magnesium Buffer for Overcoming Chelation Effect

    Contact NowCalcium Magnesium Buffer for Overcoming Chelation EffectCalcium Magnesium Buffer for overcoming chelation effect Endotoxin-free magnesium buffer for overcoming the interference by chelation effect 1. Product information Limulus amoebocyte lysate endotoxin assay for detection of bacterial endotoxins LAL lysate and endotoxin reaction require magnesium...Read More

  • Endotoxin Assay Kit for Human Plasma Kinetic Turbidimetric Method

    Contact NowEndotoxin Assay Kit for Human Plasma Kinetic Turbidimetric MethodEndotoxin Assay Kit for Human Plasma kinetic turbidimetric method CFDA cleared endotoxin testing kit for human plasma for diagnosis of gram negative bacterial infections, sepsis. We have over 35 years of experience in beta glucan assay and gram negative bacterial endotoxin assay. 1. Product...Read More

  • Dry Heat Incubator with Cooling Function

    Contact NowDry Heat Incubator with Cooling FunctionDry heat incubator with cooling function We offer various laboratory dry heat incubator for the incubation of LAL endotoxin assay and the sample preparation. 1. Product description The mini dry bath TAL-MC and TAL-MCI are micro-processor controlled heating block with heater and semiconductor...Read More

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