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  • LAL Reagent Grade Multi-well Plates

    Contact NowLAL Reagent Grade Multi-well PlatesLAL Reagent grade multi-well plates Selection of a 96-well plate with cover or 12 strip X 8 well 96-well plate, strips are individual wrapped. The individual wrapped 8-well strips is idea for the assays that is less than 96 tests at a time. 1. Product information These pyrogen-free 96-well...Read More

  • Bate-glucans Blocker for Blocking Bate Glucan Pathway

    Contact NowBate-glucans Blocker for Blocking Bate Glucan Pathwaybate-glucans blocker for blocking bate glucan pathway Blocks the ╬▓-1,3-Glucan factor G pathway and guarantees the LAL reagent only reacts to endotoxin. 1. Product information There are two pathway in limulus amoebocyte lysate lal reagent, factor C pathway is specific to endotoxin and factor G...Read More

  • Depyrogenated Endotoxin Free Sample Bottle

    Contact NowDepyrogenated Endotoxin Free Sample BottleDepyrogenated endotoxin free sample bottle We offer various of low endotoxin, pyrogen free accessories products´╝îincludes Water for Bacterial Endotoxins Test, pyrogen-free test tubes, pyrogen-free pipettor tips, microplates and sample bottles for your conveniences. High quality depyrogenated low...Read More

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