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gel clot LAL assay

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  • Endotoxin Testing Kit for Dialysis Water and Dialysate (Gel Clot Assay)

    Contact NowEndotoxin Testing Kit for Dialysis Water and Dialysate (Gel Clot Assay)Endotoxin testing kit for dialysis Water and Dialysate (Gel Clot Assay) We supply endotoxin testing kits for dialysis water and dialysate in gel clot method, kinetic turbidimetric method. The kits contain Control Standard Endotoxin, LAL reagent water and pyrogen-free sample bottles. 1. Product...Read More

  • LAL Reagent Water Endotoxin Free Water

    Contact NowLAL Reagent Water Endotoxin Free WaterLAL Reagent Water endotoxin free water We offer various of low endotoxin, pyrogen free accessories products, includes Water for Bacterial Endotoxins Test, pyrogen-free test tubes, pyrogen-free pipettor tips, microplates for your conveniences. High quality pyrogen free products insure the success...Read More

  • Fungi (1,3)-beta-D-Glucan Assay Kit Kinetic Turbidimetric Method

    Contact NowFungi (1,3)-beta-D-Glucan Assay Kit Kinetic Turbidimetric MethodFungi (1,3)-beta-D-Glucan Assay kit kinetic turbidimetric method CFDA cleared beta-glucan detection kit for human serum for diagnosis Invasive Fungi Infection. We have over 35 years of experience in beta glucan assay and gram negative bacterial endotoxin assay. 1. Product information Based upon...Read More

  • Rapid Endotoxin Gel Clot Assay Test Kit

    Contact NowRapid Endotoxin Gel Clot Assay Test KitRapid Endotoxin Gel Clot assay test kit Rapid Limulus endotoxin tests, result in less than 30 minutes. The test kit comes with product positive control (PPC) tube and sample tube, pyrogen free pipettors, pyrogen free sample bottle. 1. Product information Rapid Gel Clot assay LAL Endotoxin Test...Read More

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