New Products
  • X Water Purification System supplier
    Nymph X Water Purification System

    Multi-function; Space Saving; Great Adaptability to Water Source; Easy Operation; Produce Pure Water or Ultrapure Water with Stable and Eligible Quality.

  • Pyrogen-free Centrifuge Tube supplier
    Pyrogen-free Centrifuge Tube

    Pyrogen-free Centrifuge Tubes are widely used when culture cells.

  • USP Standard Gel Clot TAL
    USP Standard Gel Clot TAL in Test Tubes

    USP Standard Gel Clot Lyophilized Amebocyte Lysate in Test Tubes is the TAL reagent sealed under vacuum condition in a standard TAL reaction tube. Users add 0.2ml sample to dissolve the TAL reagent and do the test in a single step.

  • Gel Clot TAL Multiple Test
    Gel Clot LAL Reagent multi-test vial

    This is the most commonly used In Vitro method of endotoxin detection. The Gel Clot LAL Reagent multiple-test vial is simple and do not require an expensive instrument. 

  • Endotoxin Assay
    Endotoxin Assay Kit for Water and Dialysate (Gel Clot Assay)

    We supply Endotoxin Assay Kit for dialysis water and dialysate in gel clot method, kinetic turbidimetric method. The kits contain Control Standard Endotoxin, LAL reagent water and pyrogen-free sample bottles.

  • GC Endotoxin Test Kit
    Bioendo GC Endotoxin Test Kit (Gel Clot Assay)

    Bioendo GC Endotoxin Test Kit (Gel Clot Assay) combines Gel Clot TAL reagent and Control Standard Endotoxin in a kit, avoid the mismatched of TAL reagent and CSE.

2019 Russia, Moscow, Laboratory Instrument & Chemical Reagents Show


Russia, Moscow, Crocus Exhibition Centre

17th International Exhibition for laboratory equipment and chemical reagents

April 2326, 2019.   Booth Number: A614

Warmly welcome you visit our booth.

Xiamen Bioendo Technology Co.,Ltd

Since 1978, Bioendo as a factory to supply TAL reagents, Our products follow China Pharmacopeia/UPS/EP/JP.

(Tachypleus tridentatus, marked in latest version USP/EP).

Bioendo as a brand which got good reputation among the products of TAL Endotoxin assay.

Single test Endotoxin Assay G02 series and Multi Test Endotoxin Assay as receommendation.

Matching CSE and Endotoxin Free Water as perfect priority.

More attentions: Bioendo Endotoxin free (pyrogen free/Depyrogenated) accessories with stable quality and competitive price.

17th International Exhibition for laboratory equipment and chemical reagents

Xiamen Bioendo Technology Co., Ltd.

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