Advantages and Disadvantages of Hemodialysis


For people with kidney failure, hemodialysis is not enough. Patients should also follow diet and fluid restrictions at the some time. Meanwhile, it may be necessary to employ medicine to replace other functions of the kidneys like regulating blood pressure and simulating production of red blood cells to prevent anemia.

Regarding advantages of hemodialysis done in hospital or homedialysis center, homedialysis will be operated by trained professionals. Patients just need to visit hospital or center three time a week, and during hemodialysis, patients could spend their time on sleeping, reading, watching TV or do other quiet activities.

Regering to disadvantages, they have to visit the hospital or center three times a week, and they need to arrange in advance.

Diet restriction should be . For food containing phosphorus, potassium and sodium, patients could just eat limited amount, and should drink a limited amount of fluid.

Homedialysis could be done in day or night during sleeping hours. For the ones accept hemodialysis during sleeping hours, they don’t have to take time out of their days for dialysis, and their lives seem to more normal.

Water and dialysis solution should be ensured that their endotoxin concentration is lower than the one indicated on related regulations. Bioendo’s TAL reagent and TAL assay kit are the best choice to detect or quantify endotoxin concentration. Bioendo has TAL reagent in gel-clot technique, turbidimetric technique, and chromogenic technique.

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