How to Check Bacterial Contamination and Freshness of Meat through TAL Test


Quality of fresh meat is closely linked with human’s health. Bacterial contamination and freshness of meat are the key factors to show such quality. But TVB_N detection takes long time about 48 hours to get results, and sensory evaluation is not reliable sometimes. A rapid and accurate method to detect is necessary.

TAL reagent could be applied to detect bacterial contamination and freshness of meat. Because the main bacterial contamination of meat is gram-negative bacteria, which releases endotoxins when it dies. And endotoxins could be detected or quantified by TAL reagent.

We will briefly describe how to check bacterial contamination and freshness of meat through TAL reagent here.

Materials and Methods

1.BIOENDO TAL reagent. Test for confirmation of labeled lysate sensitivity should be carried out when a new batch of lysate is used or when there is any change in the test conditions that may affect the outcome of the test.

2.BIOENDO Water for BET and diluent. Water for BET is used to dilute TAL reagent. Diluent here should be the one that its TAL detection result is negative.

3.Bacteria culture media and chemical reagent (analytical reagent)

4.Meats which are needed to be detected.

5.Meat sample preparation and dilution.

6.TAL detection

7.Check freshness of meat and TVB_N test.

8.Detection of amount of viable organism and Coliform bacteria number.

9.Detection of gram-negative bacteria.

10.Analyze relativity among TAL index, amount of bacteria, gram-negative bacteria, Coliform bacteria number, and TVB_N.

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